My First Article on SitePoint!

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What is it about? The article is about software testing in Python. In particular, it talks about unit testing in Python using two different frameworks: unittest and pytest. If you don’t know anyth... Read more

Things to Know About Django Beforehand

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Choosing the appropriate technology stack is not easy, and it would be good to know if a certain framework suits your use case earlier, right? In this post, I will introduce you to Django framework... Read more

How to Implement Two Factor Authentication in a Web Application

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Password-based authentication is no longer enough. Cybercriminals can get people’s passwords in multiple ways: phishing, brute-force and keyloggers are just a few examples. To deal with this prob... Read more

Hide Data Inside an Image using LSB Steganography With Python

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Images can be a great way to store hidden messages. We deal with hundreds or even thousands of images every day and, potentially, each one of them can contain some kind of hidden message. The inter... Read more